Chay Snowdon Put Down A Marker With Two Early Releases For 2019.

I’m not going to say that 2019 holds the possibility of being our favourite year for new music and emerging artists just yet. However, Chay Snowdon are proving that laying down an early marker to support the materialisation of those beliefs is more than possible.

The release of ‘Mon Cheri’ alone would’ve been just deserts, but doubling down like a scheming atendee at an all you can eat establishment, ‘Sha La La’ is just enough of that good stuff to fill our appetite, all whilst pushing the limits of our proverbial doggy bag of expectation to the limits. These offerings are easier to digest (and explain in public) than a bag full of all you can eat food, which leaves us feeling ever more hopeful for what lies ahead in 2019.

The subtle blending of tones in ‘Sha La La‘ is absolutely mesmerising. Feeling like a nostalgic-lovers anthem that blends an Artic Monkeys ‘AM’ tone and a vocal that is reminiscent of an individual who is down on their luck. And that’s meant as a compliment, I truly mean that, it feels like an anthem straight from someone’s core. It could easily be belted out by a crowd, as it could by someone reminiscing over old times just the same.

I suppose it’s summarised more fairly as having a ‘human’ quality to it. But that in itself feels as if it lacks the descriptive quality to truly provide the impact that I’m looking to convey.

‘Mon Cheri’ is a harder release than ‘Sha La La‘. If life is anything then it is balance. And these two releases give that balance and place you expertly in the middle.

‘Mon Cheri’ remains my second favourite of the two, but thats not very telling when both releases are equally good additions to a growing catalogue that details the best of Chay Snowdon. There is an air of anthemtic quality in the release, a call and response element where again, you can picture a crowd easily screaming along to the hook. It’s a lively addition, with fans of the band having plenty to shout about.

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