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Childcare are an indie band from London who were formed in 2014. The band blend a mix of soul, ska, hip-hop, and indie rock with stunning hooks. They took their name from singer Ed Cares’ day job nannying children. This is actually an impressive driving force in Ed’s creative process, providing him with spare time to write songs in between taking them to school. He also asks the children for their opinion on his songs, retaining a sense of honesty and youthful innocence. The band is currently a four piece, consisting of Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar), and Glyn Daniels (drums)
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Childcare got their big break when they supported Bastille on their UK arena tour last year, and released debut EP Made Simple in May. Each track contains a unique flavour that feels fresh and invigorating, along with an excitable energy. The dual male/female vocals blend really well with the lo-fi production however there are hints of something bigger here, such as on the Arctic Monkeys-esque ‘Dust’. This track features a hypnotic guitar line, which oozes coolness. ‘Omega Grey’ is stunning because it’s laid back and carefree, reminiscent of a hot summer day.
In December, the band released ‘Put Down Your Pen’. An introspective track, it features some creative guitar patterns, while the harmonies between Ed and Emma are more emotive and passionate than ever. The bass and drums then kick in, allowing for a heavier backdrop. This curveball shows Childcare have the ability to surprise you, and with a bigger following on the horizon, 2018 is set to be a killer year for them.
‘Put Down Your Pen is available to listen to here.
Photo Credit:  Wolf James Photography
 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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