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'Dead Young' Proves To Be A Radio Ready Hit For 'Only The Poets'.

Only The Poets have recently announced their latest single, titled Dead Young. The band are based out of Reading and London, consisting of four members Tommy, Jules, Charlie and Roo. Alongside the release of Dead Young, the band have also gained tour support for band Coasts which will see them perform at a number of venues around the country.
Dead Young is a track that provides a measured and radio-ready tonality. There are very few tracks that come our way that feel like it could be placed amongst Radio 1 playlists almost immediately. We would go as far as saying it could be placed amongst any summer playlist, and rightly so. Having gained various plaudits from across the industry platforms so far, it is no secret that there is a lot of love of the band.
The track itself builds with various catchy elements. Such as the percussion which is heard to be supporting the arrangement throughout. Blended with delicate guitar tones, this adds further flavour to an already tasty sound palette. The lyrics fit so well with this track. The arrangement feels effortless and provides enough space to let you slip into the groove that Dead Young exudes. The subject matter will connect with a lot of people, as we often spend time reflecting on the past and who it has made us today as individuals. The idea of having a more mature outlook of your younger self is an outlook that requires time, which is fitting for this track as it feels timeless and well placed amongst our favourites of the year so far.
Combine all of this positivity with the fact that Dead Young has a call and response feel to the chorus and with a little imagination and foresight, you can easily begin to imagine this band filling medium to large live venues on their own merits. There is a huge hope on our part that Only The Poets continue to produce such high-level material. Material that we can not wait for.

Live dates are as follows:
April 20th – Manchester (Coasts Support)
April 21st – Birmingham (Coasts Support)
April 22nd – Glasgow (Coasts Support)
April 23rd – Newcastle (Coasts Support)
April 24th – Bristol (Coasts Support)
April 25th – Southampton (Coasts Support)
April 26th – London – Kentish Town (Coasts Support)
May 4th – Live at Leeds
May 18th – The Great Escape
May 30th – London – Thousand Island (Headline)
May 31st – Reading – Facebar (Headline)
June 1st – Newcastle – Jumping Jacks (Headline)

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