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Track Review: Disobey // Guerilla State

The collaboration of multi-instrumentalists Rory Robinson and Michael Dalton, Guerilla State is an Irish rock duo with an eclectic sound. Unique in that the band members hail from different continents, Guerilla State is inspired by different cultures, backgrounds and heritages. Although a relatively new name on the scene, this Australian/Irish group has received critical acclaim from publications across the globe. One of the latest releases from Guerilla State is the single ‘Disobey’.

Following their punk-rock track ‘Handle With Care’, the lads adopt a more electronic approach in their single ‘Disobey’. While there is a strong underlying synth, the incorporation of heavy guitars and pounding drums make ‘Disobey’ a harder, grungier and grittier listening experience. Multi-faceted in their sound, it is difficult to define Guerilla State but we can easily say the melody is kaleidoscopic. Tipping you into a tumultuous river of sound, you can lose yourself in this sonic whirlpool but retain a sense of groundedness in the cinematic soundscape.

While the melody already has a profound impact on the listener, it is the conceptual theme that truly blows my mind. Touching on issues of isolation, morality and the state of the globe, Guerilla State explores society’s conformity in a time of uncertainty. They share that “…in a time of global conformity, disobedience is required; silence is compliance.” It is this unabashed, brutal provocation that makes ‘Disobey’ so engaging.

Easily one of the more intriguing tracks to come my way this year, I find the dingy but powerful single fascinating. Revolutionary not only in their sound but also in their message, the pair point out society’s faults and how to “wade through the water”. I can see this as the theme song for George Orwell’s 1984 but also something to pump my fist along to when I’m feeling particularly angry about things. I’m sure ‘Disobey’ will touch you from the first second.

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