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DOLLS Unleash EP ‘Pop The Bubble’

It’s been an extremely long time since I have taken a look at EP artwork and felt myself in awe of how awesome and unique it looks. Luckily, DOLLS have recently released their EP ‘Pop The Bubble’ and given a swift reminder that great artwork, as well as great music, should be as much of a focus as anything else when it comes to providing audiences with a great release.

And it isn’t just us who agree that DOLLS have come up trumps with their latest release. Rough Trade have teamed up with the band to provide a live singing and in-store show to support the release today at 7pm. You’ll also feel enlightened to know that there is an accompanying music video for ‘Sugar Free’ which we have placed below for your convenience.

DOLLS have done an exceptional job with this EP, and we congratulate them on not just producing a great sound, but a great product overall. Hopefully this provides a reminder to all bands that you can’t go half-hearted on any area of your release. With even the colouring of the vinyl being something that you can truly marvel at.


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