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Dom McAllister Shines With ‘Low On A Wave’

Dom McAllister is a name that I feel we will be seeing more of here on Nexus. It seems that in recent weeks we have had an influx of soulful tracks. Containing a slight pop direction that blends with multiple other genres. Most notably neo-soul and similar sub-genre styles that just mesmirise.

It would be unfaithful to say that Dom McAllister does not fit into the wave of emerging of talent. And we have had a fair share write themselves into the hearts of the team at Nexus.

There’s always been something about the soulful and unique direction that this style of music takes. Its niche is that it bears the mark of expression. With a pallete as bright and diverse as the artists that champion it.

“… these types of EP just show that there is so much to be explored, loved and shared in the overall journey of creativity and life.”

Dress it up how you like, I’m getting Chance The Rapper, Chiddy Bang, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino vibes. And although that sounds like one hell of a mix, the ingredients are similar. Diversity in the range of tonality found in the production. Whipped up with the addition of creativity and a signed, sealed and delivered dose of empowerment.

If anything, releases like ‘Low On A Wave‘ show how important music is in providing connection and understanding of self. It defines the outward opinion of music (and the arts in general) that artists like Dom are pivotal influences for the forming of societies conciousness to be more compelling and understanding. Artists like Dom channel their own idols and unleash an individual interpretation, experience and energy like a beam of light that carries their emotion.

Although as an individual, most will find themselves hard to find, these types of EP just show that there is so much to be explored, loved and shared in the overall journey of creativity and life.

Summarising his debut Low On A Wave EP, Dom says:

“‘Low on a wave’ represents many things that we struggle with whilst trying to find ourselves. Sounds all extremely deep. But with a little help from the mellow trap and hip hop beats, I hope that listeners can still vibe to it.

Even if there were no lyrics to these tracks, I feel the producers have captured sense of emotion with every chord change, beat and moody synth. Today we respond to a #mood or vibe we all want to feel. So I wanted to create something quite “wavey” yet still expressing how I felt at the time. If anyone is feeling alone for whatever reason, I hope this can sail anybody’s low on a wave to remember we’re all going through something.”

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