Track Review

Endless Peaks Unleash 'Tempest'.

Here at Nexus, we are not ashamed of showing our love for Endless Peaks. Hailing from Bournemouth on the South Coast (we evny you), the band are beginingto emerge as one of the most talented acts on offer form the south. Having been featured on the likes of BBC Solent, they are no stranger to having their music connect with audiences and swiftly making fans of them (us included).
Their latest release sees ‘Tempest‘ fall firmly into their catalogue of tracks that can be viewed with much fondness and interest. It is all of the best parts of Endless Peaks presented in a three minute masterstroke that brushes your mind intially with interest, which will soon make you wonder how you haven’t had these four amongst your playlist.
Endless Peaks have embodied a sound on ‘Tempest’ that feels as if it is a progression towards something big in the evolution of the band. With Shoegaze elements consisting of some wonderfully reverberant vocals and synths that have been paired with steady and supportive drums and low end workings from the bass. The arrangement itself fits this narrative of space, providing a plethora of opportunities to get stuck in and be amongst the very talent that Endless Peaks are becoming renowned for.


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