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EP Review: ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1 // Gallowayyys

Bringing a different perspective to a sometimes-mundane world, singer-songwriter Gallowayyys is something you will not soon forget after enjoying his music. Beginning his career recording demos at college, the US-based artist began building a network of industry professionals that would expand his reach and take his music to the masses. Skirting “evocative collections with confrontational noise”, Gallowayys moves through styles and sounds in an intriguing way. Featured in numerous publications, Gallowayyys is turning heads across the globe with coverage from TJPL News, Rising Artists Blog and Mesmerized. The latest addition to his discography is the EP, ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1.

A unique individual defying the stereotypical masculine model, Gallowayyys (also known as Blake Alexander) embraces the world from a less stringent perspective. He shares that “I never fit the mold of a traditionally masculine male even though I’m attracted to exclusively women. I love doing my hair and nails. I feel very comfortable in women’s clothing. I wear a purse or satchel regularly and I’m proud of my style…” The diversity and innovation of this character is clearly seen (or rather heard) in his eclectic music.

Following his track ‘SORRY TO BOTHER u’, Gallowayys adopts a rap-rock musical style layered with strong synths in an electronic pop mode in ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1. The first EP in 2023, Gallowayyys shows a growth and evolution of his sound moving from the indie-pop sound in ‘crushin’ – his final release in 2022.

From the first chord, the three-track EP, ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1, slaps you in the face with its brash, bold melodies. ‘DYE IT RED’ can easily be defined as a strong electropop track with electronic beats keeping you above the sonic river; however, while there is a slight soothing to the synth-driven single, Gallowayyys quickly crawls into your head and pounds your brain with ‘PINK LEMONADE’. A flash of old-school punk and nostalgic rock flairs in the second track tossing you about with its heavy, hard and overwhelming chaotic style.

Retaining the abruptness of ‘PINK LEMONADE’, the final track ‘STICKY FINGERS’ is as frenzied. Yet, there is an underlying flow bringing an unexpected mellifluous charge to the melody. Perhaps Gallowayyys is trying to draw us in, then explode and easily bring us down with the three tracks of ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1. He explains that “lately I’ve been exploring the complexities between feminine nature and the masculine frame. With each new song, I try to add to the universe I’m building…I feel as though I’ve discovered a whole new level of intentionality and depth…”

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