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EP Review: Another Life // ESSA V

Focusing on self-expression and escapism in her music, singer-songwriter ESSA V brings a dreamy pop sound to the masses. Primarily a recording artist, ESSA V speaks through streaming sites like Spotify but there are plans for potential live performances. Until we get her on stage, her music is online, and she is receiving coverage across the internet. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Static Dive, Roadie Music, Iggy Magazine and iHeart Radio, ESSA V is turning heads across the globe. The latest addition to her discography is Another Life.

The debut EP from US-based ESSA V, Another Life is a four-track release revolving around self-expression, self-actualisation, escapism and self-growth. Opening with the track ‘When You Dream Your Soul Grows Back’, ESSA V adopts a synth-laden electronic pop design. Easily referred to as a dance track, the song has strong beats coupled with ethereal vocals. Effortlessly reaching into your chest and setting your soul soaring, ‘When You Dream Your Soul Dances Back’ is the perfect opener hyping you up and preparing you for the fun to come.

In the second track ‘Fossil’, ESSA V demonstrates her eclecticism as an artist and producer moving to a more soothing electropop sound. While she retains her synth-laden sound with strong beats, her smooth and haunting vocals create a hazy ambience. The haziness is felt once again in ‘Radio Silence’ but is accompanied by a more pop-inspired arrangement. Of course, ESSA V’s bold vocals continue to add an extra layer of warmth and inspiration.

Already released as a single in 2020, ‘Better Online’ is a strong pop track with a melodic synth arrangement. The thing is, in ‘Better Online’ a transition is seen in movements from a more dance design to a contemporary pop style.

As is mentioned, Another Life is a four-track tale of self-growth and empowerment. ESSA V explains that “this is the latest culmination of my love for pop music. It’s triumphant, sad, sex, futuristic, and all about development…” Her personal narrative and storytelling prowess connect with listeners and take them along this intriguing sonic journey. From upbeat and fast pace to slower downtempo, Another Life is a whirlwind of musical genius.

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