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EP Review: Anything Worth Having // Everyone and Anyone

Everyone and Anyone are an up and coming pop-punk band who have played shows with the likes of Reel Big Fish, WSTR, and Creeper. The band also made the final of The Slam Dunk Festival competition for a spot on the Midlands slot earlier this year. It is clear to see they’ve got potential, but on their self-released EP ‘Anything Worth Having’, which is self-released on 14th September, this potential is not realised.



The EP sticks very firmly to the pop-punk rule book, making for a predictable EP. The songs are so heavily indebted to Neck Deep and Blink-182 that they don’t bring many new ideas to the table. The chorus in ‘Rainy Days’ is weak, but the key change later in the track improves it considerably, being refreshing and memorable. ‘Pushing Daisies’ is about the frustrations of not having achieved anything. This is a common experience, which a lot of people can relate to, however, the nasally vocals are grating and generic. ‘Setbacks’ is a bit better, with the main riff being reminiscent of Blink-182’s more experimental elements, but the angsty, juvenile lyrics ruin the track.

‘Anything Worth Having’ is an EP which shows that Everyone and Anyone are still trying to find their sound, but it should only appeal to pop-punk enthusiasts.


‘Anything Worth Having’ is self-released on September 14th.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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