EP Review: Aorta Songs Part 1 // Lights On Moscow

Editors’ Justin Lockey and Hazel Wilde from the indie band Lanterns on the Lake join forces as Lights On Moscow, who will release an EP, Aorta Songs Part 1 later this month. The creative process was realised in New York but perfected in Newcastle years before. Neither were in the right headspace to release the music at the time, but while the music industry is so focused on everything being released immediately and quickly, the EP shows that good things come to those who wait.

It is awash with beautiful production, the dark mood present on opening track ‘Lord Let Me Know.’ The reverb on Wilde’s vocals works extremely well with the choir in the background, enhanced by the 60s-esque drums and atmospheric guitars. ‘I Must Come Clean’ features a very raw guitar tone, and the sparse production adds to the emotion in White’s voice.

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The EP has a lot of atmosphere, mixing Lockey’s production with Wilde’s incredible voice. ‘Like Lovers Often Will’ starts off with a tinkling piano, then the big guitar chords enter and the distortion on the guitar combines with White’s reverberated vocals. The track then fades back out into the atmosphere, allowing the listener to experience the journey.

Aorta Songs Part 1 is an EP that is well worth your time, a beautiful haunting listen with mesmerizing production.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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