EP Review: Ascend to Clarity // Bury the Traitor

Bury the Traitor are influenced by Architects and Bury Tomorrow. In February 2018, they finished recording their EP ‘Ascend to Clarity’. But it took a while to come out, because the band say: “To coincide with the release, we have had new logos made and new videos.” The EP is released on the 14th February and features strong riffs and gang vocals that bring out their potential.

Recent single “A.S.I.F” has a bruising but melodic riff. The production is raw, but all the instruments have space to breathe. Musically it is very melodic, the solo offering something refreshing. The sing-along chorus shows off Martyn Sheridan’s vocal range nicely, while Oli Heaton Loewenbach’s screams remind me of Miss May I’s Levi Benton.

“Heads Down Thumbs Up” is a song that is going to stick with me. The riffs are how a melodic metalcore band should sound. Big and meaty with a strong focus on melody. For a new band, the songwriting is very well written. I’m halfway through and the EP is showing a lot of promise.

The guitar work is fast with the lead and rhythm guitars complimenting each other well. The reverb on the gang vocals in “Lion VS Wolf” adds to the atmosphere.

“When Loyalty Dethrones Lust” is a welcoming change of pace. The clean vocals are passionate and the lyrics are heartfelt. I like this song because it shows how diverse Bury the Traitor can be.

‘Ascend to Clarity’ is the result of passion, dedication and hard work. I hope it will lead to bigger things for Bury the Traitor.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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