EP Review: Asmattic Vol 2 // Clouds in a Headlock

Clouds in a Headlock are back with a new mixtape, ‘Asmattic Vol 2.’ The mixtape was recorded on a 4-track cassette in a forest cabin in Japan. It’s full of grimy beats to complement the rappers’ unique voices. The MC’s on the project are GT Lovecraft (a full time ramen chef), Èph (a horticulturist), and Doctor Outer (a film dialogue editor). They come from different backgrounds which works very well because they each have a unique perspective.

Some of the production methods on the EP are insane. Most of the songs have a boom bap beat which work very well because they are relaxing. ‘Letters From the Fishbowl’ has a guitar riff which hypes the listener up. It flows into the downbeat ‘Welcome 2 the Game’. There’s an addictive synth line in this song that keeps the listener hooked.

I think the psychedelic loops compliment the atmospheric songs. They’re refreshing and are a perfect background for the lyrics. The lyrics are socially conscious and remind me of Jurassic 5. The EP is very enjoyable because it has a lot of longevity, and one I will be listening to again and again.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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