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EP Review: Bubble // Banshee

Banshee have a big sound that packs a punch. Their sound is fuelled by roaring guitars and infectious choruses. About to support Dream State on their Edinburgh date, following slots at Download and a tour with Press to Meco, they released their new EP  ‘Bubble’ last month.

They have been compared with Paramore and Nothing But Thieves, but in truth they have their own unique sound. There’s plenty of hooks to savour here, including on ‘Frenemies’, a solid alternative rock banger. There is a heavy use of synths that work perfectly, separating them from the pack.   

The instruments are explosive throughout, and the production on the vocal during the title track’s chorus keeps the listener hooked. It does not pause for breath, the big instrumentation will stay in your head. The effects on the guitar show a darker sound, which is refreshing. ‘You Said’ is pop rock perfection with plenty of flangers swirling round and round the mix. It’s so satisfying to listen to, while ‘Eraser’ is more stripped back. It shows how diverse they can be, with a beautiful vocal melody and a dark backdrop.

Banshee’s reputation is increasing, and their sound has a wide appeal. ‘Bubble’ is a very strong EP, brimming with optimism and confidence.

‘Bubble’ is out now.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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