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EP Review: Disquisition of an Execution // The Last Ten Seconds of Life

The Last Ten Seconds of life are a ferocious band who have toured with Cattle Decapitation, so they are being touted as a big deal. They released their brand new EP called “Disquisition of an Execution, which is released on November 25th on Unique Leader records.

I’ve been jamming the latest Shadow of Intent album, which fused deathcore with Hans Zimmer style orchestral bits. And yes, you get a choir singing on “Dreams of Extermination.” Then, hang on, what in the heaviness fuck is this? A gnarly breakdown?! There are frickin two breakdowns I can’t cope with. And bass drops. And this is only track one! Props to the drummer, my god!

I tell you what; there’s a neat little solo in “Retribution” because it’s a pummeling and annihilating song. You feel like you’re being choked into submission by the ferocious attack. It’s like the worst dog bite imaginable. It’s mixed so delightfully too. The loud guitars and the beefed out vocals work well here.

“Liberation” is a great song because it gets my head moving. The breakdown at the end went one step further and knocked my head around. This is a good sign. What a chorus too. This is very tasty.

The final song on the album is called “Annaihalation Phenomena”, and it is the most brutal song on the EP. With some utterly nasty face melting riffs, it makes you want to spin kick in your living room. The drums are absolutely crushing, and the way the snares are smashed is utterly violent. I mean, goodness gracious me, at the 3:00 mark, there is a breakdown that is even bigger than my house! Absolutely mental! And then it’s done. 

This EP lasts 15 minutes, and it is an absolute winner. I cannot wait to see where The Last Ten Seconds of Life go from here; they are onto big things. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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