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EP Review: Ethan Senger // Ethan Senger

My mother once said that a person who has a personality older than their physical years is called a “husk”. In my opinion, singer-songwriter Ethan Senger is a husk. I do not know him at all, so he might be childish and immature; however, when I listen to his music I am astounded by the sophistication and maturation shown by the 20-year-old artist.

Hailing from Georgia, USA, Ethan has performed since the age of 7 – perhaps this accounts for the mastery of his guitar-playing. Influenced by Rob Thomas, Marcus King and John Mayer, Ethan developed a smooth, flowing sound topped with his bold, warm and distinctive vocals. He recently released this unique brand of music to the world in his self-titled debut EP.

One of the most exciting elements of Ethan Senger is the careful positioning of songs on the EP. Yes, the tracks themselves are exciting; however, the movement from the carefree ‘One Night’ to the defeated ‘Message To You’ could be looked at as a life soundtrack. The cool, easy guy having fun and boasting about it to his friends to the gloom of lost love – all in only four tracks.

Using personal experiences as a foundation, Ethan showcases his understanding of life beyond teenage angst, tiring work weeks and the drunken, debaucherous nights on the town so common to early adulthood. In ‘Something Inside’, we see Ethan’s awareness of the frivolities, fantastical but shallow elements of reality and the emotional effects. Combining the compelling guitar solos with his eloquent and powerful vocals (in their languid way), Ethan has created an introspective, astute and innovative EP.

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