EP Review: Exposition II // Nova Charisma

Nova Charisma is a post-hardcore project consisting of Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero. The duo were in experimental rock supergroup Sianvar. However, they both relocated to London four days after Sianvar split up to broaden their horizons.

The band released their debut EP ‘Exposition I’ in August. It stood out because it was full of melodic songwriting. The bands’ latest EP ‘Exposition II’ is a strong follow-up because it builds nicely. It’s more introspective because it shows off Donovan’s soaring vocals. The crashing guitars and drums on ‘Diary (Don’t Speak)’ create a captivating wall of sound.

The band sound more confident because their sound palette is limitless with bigger hooks. ‘Gemini’ is reminiscent of Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria, however Nova Charisma bring their own sound and identity to the song.

Overall, ‘Exposition II’ is very rewarding because the vocals and guitar work is beautiful. The band have gone for a bigger sound, which works because it is powerful. This results in a memorable listen and one which resonates with the listener.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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