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EP Review: Exposition III // Nova Charisma

I love hearing about exciting new artists. Nova Charisma are one of them. Since forming a few years back, Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero have worked hard in becoming innovators in their scene.

The band will release the third EP of their Exposition journey. Since discovering it a few months ago, I’ve seen how it has challenged both Sergio and Donovan as songwriters. The second EP had incredible harmonies and beautiful guitar work that didn’t sound like anything else. ‘Exposition III’ sounds like a band who have grown into their own skin and completes this beautiful journey.

I adore the guitar work in ‘The Greater Cause’ because the production sounds massive. The layers and overdubs create a big futuristic sound that they haven’t tried before, and it’s the start of a great EP.

The band push themselves even further on ‘Hurt the Worst.’ I think the vocal performance is very strong because it soars and it’s a joy to listen to. The production in the middle of the song, which consists of the vocals and guitar on their own, is beautiful because it creates a stunning atmosphere. The vocals are reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria, but they’ve got enough character to stand out.

Overall, Exposition III is a faithful end to the journey, and I hope to hear more from Nova Charisma. I think that an album will challenge them and allow themselves to flex their creative muscles.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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