EP Review: Eyes Beyond Reflection // In the Cards

In the Cards are a fledgeling rock band from Stoke on Trent. Last month, they released their debut EP, Eyes Beyond Reflection. It’s a mostly strong EP that gives a raw delicate feel in some parts but in others, it lacks the production to help it stand out.

On Eyes Beyond Reflection, it is evident that In the Cards are heavily influenced by Paramore, and Tonight Alive. However, heavy opener ‘Mazes’ is reminiscent of Dream State as well. The chorus fuses Amy Colclough and guitarist Danny Jones’ vocals perfectly with the atmospheric synths. The production is clean and polished, demonstrating the potential of where this band can go.

In the Cards have previously toured with Arcane Roots, who could have been an inspiration for the band’s massive sound. ‘Beautiful Silence’ is very catchy. Vocally, Amy puts her all into this track, and while the dual guitars pack a strong punch, the same cannot be said for the drums, which are buried in the mix and could have been boosted to make a bigger impact.



‘The Only Thing’ is dominated by a wall of guitars and an even bigger chorus. things take a softer, emotional turn on ‘Careful Eyes.’ It features a powerful vocal, adding weight to the track. The sparse instrumentation in the verses and the beautiful guitar solo demonstrates an introspective rawness that works well in the band’s favour.

The final song on the EP, ‘Hollow Hearts’ combines all the best bits of In the Cards’ sound. The clean effect on the guitar mixed with the piano goes very well with the emotional lyrics. The song could be about a break-up, with Amy wearing her heart on her sleeve. She leaves the relationship behind with sadness and a hint of confidence: “You were my life, now you’re dead to me.”

While the drums feel quiet at points during Eyes Beyond Reflection, the raw emotional vocals and atmospheric layers show that In the Cards have the potential to be a force over the next year.

Eyes Beyond Reflection is available to listen to on Spotify.


Feature Image Credit: PurpleYam Productions

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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