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EP Review: Feel Your Feelings – Side A // 7000apart

On the precipice of breaking onto the music scene in 2020, indie pop duo 7000apart was thrown into surviving the pandemic from opposite ends of the world. Fortunately, Swedish Amelie Eiding and American Jon Kresin made their marriage work despite the challenges of the past three years – all through the power of love and music. Meeting when they were teenagers when Amelie was a Swedish exchange student in the USA, the pair were instantly attracted to each other. Skip ahead a few years to 2016 and we see them living as husband and wife ready to pursue music full-time. The latest addition to their discography is the EP Feel Your Feelings – Side A.

Focusing on the healing power of music, 7000apart aim to create music that is honest, raw and vulnerable touching on life in its entirety. The six-track EP Feel Your Feelings – Side A originates from a simple sentiment Jon’s therapist shared when he was receiving counselling for “one of his darkest and most tragedy-filled points in life…” – feel your feelings. The album is “deeply self-aware and speaks to humanity through the seriousness of mental health concerns, while simultaneously respecting the necessity of making friends with one’s darkness to usher in the light.”

Known for their harmonic melodies and profound lyricism, Amelie and Jon draw you into an intimate soundscape with the six tracks on Feel Your Feelings – Side A. From feelings of inner turmoil, anxiety, loss of self-worth, depression, frustration and fear, to a sense of empowerment, hope and optimism, 7000apart connects with listeners at various stages of their journey.

Opening with the track ‘Stand Together’, the pair delicately explores how we should ask for help, particularly during times of trouble. The EP moves on to touch on the insecurities and uncertainties of life in ‘Whole Lot Left To Lose’, the feeling of not being prioritised in ‘Player 2’, and a loss of romance in ‘No Is A Nice Word’. Interestingly enough, ‘No Is A Nice Word’ has a spin where clear communication is needed between partners and “no” can sometimes be healing. ‘Hope’ is their anthemic track about self-care, and they end with the empowering albeit it tenderly raw ballad ‘End Of The Tunnel’.

Blending the sounds of Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, and dodie with strong reminiscence to the powerful brashness of Billie Eilish, Feel Your Feelings – Side A is playful, cheeky, wistful and profound. Amelie’s soothing vocals slather a velvety vulnerability to the different songs; however, the tenderness and fragility of her dulcet tones also push the optimistic sentiments of the EP.

My favourite track is potentially the acoustic ballad ‘End Of The Tunnel’. Written during Amelie’s depression, there is a heart-breaking tearfulness in her voice and the instrumentation. Yet, while the fragile innocence is aching, the beauty of the piano and cello seem to send both shivers down your spine and place a warmth in your heart.

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