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EP Review: Ghost in the Machine// Simulated Youth

Inspired by the likes of Die Antwoord, Bjork, Catnapp and Alice Glass (former vocalist of Crystal Castles), Simulated Youth adds dark twists to the electronic music. The brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer Zach, Simulated Youth shares a unique type of metal meets punk with underlying dance/house synths. While this act was formed in January 2020, he has already featured in numerous blogs including Ritz Herald, Post-Punk.com, Roadie Music, and A&R Factory gaining international recognition. Today we delve into his new EP Ghost In The Machine.

Unlike previous singles in which Zach edits his vocals to create an “android effect”, ‘Ghost In The Machine’ incorporates Zach’s “regular voice”. Combining electronic basslines and synth-driven rhythms, the single will easily fit in at any nightclub or festival; however, the meaning might be a little provocative. Touching on a lack of freedom of speech and increased surveillance, Simulated Youth exposes our lives in a heavily censored world. However, this is only one of the tracks off the new EP.

Using the same backing track, Simulated Youth includes two more songs on the three-track EP. ‘De Afwachting – De Bevestiging’ is a Dutch version speaking about different perspectives in life and being fearful of expressing them. ‘Crpax’ is the Russian version looking at a protagonist and his fear, pain and ultimate death when he is unable to “find himself”. The vocals were recorded by Opti Rob and Oптимизм respectively.

While the different tracks have mildly different meanings, they are all poignant, desperate and insightful. What I find particularly intriguing is how Zach showcases issues and situations which are global but still individual with multi-lingual and multi-cultural arrangements. It is this adaptation that places Simulated Youth in a class of his own.

“Following the theme of the four releases before Ghost in the Machine EP, the goal was to create something unique, danceable and fun, yet with a darker message to balance things out. Each song hopes to put listeners into an almost dreamlike state where they become entranced by what they’re listening to.” – Simulated You on Ghost in the Machine EP

In addition to his singles and EP, Simulated Youth released a music video for ‘Ghost In The Machine’. Please be aware that the video uses strobe and rapid movement image effects and can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.


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