EP Review: Hiraeth // The Wind Covenant

With nearly 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, The Wind Covenant are a happening band. They blend influences of progressive metalcore and deathcore together to create a sound that is emotionally heavy. On their latest EP, Hiraeth, they have moments of genius that remind me of bands like Karnivool and even protest the Hero. This is true on choruses such as “Doomed” which bring together singing and screaming nicely. 

I really like how well the layered screams work with the ethereal atmosphere. I think it sets them apart as a band, but they can also prove that they can go insanely heavy too. “The Straight and Narrow” sounds like a cross between Northlane and Shadow of Intent, with orchestral synths and blood curdling gutturals. The clean vocals on this song aren’t anything new, although I think on this song they work extremely nicely. What’s more, the futuristic synths really make me think of Volumes too. 

This was an enjoyable EP by The Wind Covenant, and I am excited to hear more by them in the future. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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