EP Review


Vultures play metallic hardcore in the spirit of Converge and Every Time I Die. You can feel this on their second EP, ‘Hunger.’ Throughout its six tracks, it pummels with raw brutality.

Some records grab you straight away but others need time to get into your consciousness. Vultures’ EP is one of them. The EP is a voracious assault on the ears. But once you appreciate the brutal guitars and chaotic vocals, you’re in for a treat. The heaviest song by far is the 51-second ‘Rat King’, which pulls out all the stops because it’s a burst of energy. ‘Bitter Breath’ and the title track also create a big impact because they are both melodic. It sums up the EP because they’ve taken the madness of Converge and an Every Time I Die album but given hardcore a refreshing twist.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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