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EP Review: In A Field, Away From The City // Fool Saint

With influences ranging from Deftones to Stephen Sonheim, Fool Saint brings a unique sound to the masses. Founded two years ago, the US-based fivesome uses their natural musical talent to tell stories and explore conceptual topics within our society. Reflective and intriguing, the relatively new group has featured on various blogs including Find No Enemy, FV Music Blog and The Other Side Reviews. We take a look at their debut EP In A Field, Away From The City…come with us.

Following a series of successful singles, Fool Saint’s EP In A Field, Away From The City adopts an eclectic approach with each of the five singles falling into different genres. Not only does this allow for an entertaining kaleidoscopic journey through the EP but also highlights the band’s innovativeness. Opening with the track ‘When I Call You’, Fool Saint wraps you in a blanket of alternative rock meets pop-rock. The combination of pounding drums, dynamic guitars and Sara Bruno’s intoxicating vocals immediately sets the scene for a soothing melodic experience.

Following ‘When I Call You’, we have ‘Some Kind Of Crazy’ bringing a grungier, grittier sound to the EP. Once again, Sara Bruno’s vocals are quite hypnotising with the warmth, power and charming tone. In fact, Sara’s voice is quite intoxicating throughout the EP melding perfectly with the instrumentation. What I find intriguing is how there is an ethereal sensitivity in the vocal execution but blunt, forceful instrumentation. It seems that Fool Saint find the balance between soft sensitivity and hard-hitting styles in their melodies.

Describing the EP as “progressive indie”, Fool Saint pull out all the stops of effective collaboration in In A Field, Away From The City. It’s true that there is a movement from alternative rock to pop and even some tinges of hard rock in the mix, but the kaleidoscopic mix has a golden thread shining throughout the sonic tapestry.

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