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EP Review: Life Vs The Internet // Emma Kelly

Finding the delicate balance between profound bittersweet lyricism and euphoric melodies, singer-songwriter Emma Kelly has a bold, powerful and sophisticated sound. Described as bringing a unique edge to her contemporary pop style, there is an eclecticism in her music intoxicating listeners across the globe. Featured on blogs like Info Music, Sinusoidal Music, Eat This Music, Clout, RGM, Motion News, and various playlists, Emma is turning heads at all levels. The latest addition to her discography is the EP Life Vs The Internet.

Following her well-received single ‘Under Pressure’, UK-based Emma Kelly is, as noted on Info Music, “one of the artists to discover a way for you to boost your morning.” Placed as the opening track to her three-track EP Life Vs The Internet, ‘Under Pressure’ introduces you to Emma’s high-powered, buoyant commercial pop sound. Filled with synth-driven electronic beats, there is a modern-day tinge to the single; however, the vocal execution has a sense of greater sophistication in her music.

Leading into the track ‘Loving You’, Emma Kelly showcases her versatility as an artist. While the electropop beats are still evident, the song has a bit of a groovier vibe with a melancholic attitude running through it. Ending with ‘Sad In The Summer’, Emma demonstrates diversity with a complete turn-about when it comes to style. A contemporary ballad reminiscent of Taylor Swift with the obscure vocals of Lily Allen, Emma brings a heartfelt tenderness to Life Vs The Internet.

Staying relevant to her generation, the young songstress navigates the pressures of youth in the 21st century. Inspired by the constant presence of the internet in our lives, Life Vs The Internet explores the effects of social media on individuals. She takes a step back, looks at social media and attempts to navigate the struggles people feel from social media “despite knowing that it isn’t reality.” It is this profound concept that showcases Emma Kelly’s innovation, introspection and sophisticated reflective nature.

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