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EP Review: Longsman // Standing On My Own

Born in the bedroom of London-based multi-instrumentalist Adam White, Standing On My Own is an eclectic combination of different genres self-released and fused together in six sensational tracks. Alright, that’s a brief background, but what about some more details?

Coming all the way from his bedsit in Wimbledon, Adam White is an experimental and innovative artist who has released some creative work as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. It’s amazing how creativity thrives in this chaotic time, but this album is evidence of the fact.

Examining pure and raw emotions, Standing On My Own is a reflective and introspective six-track recording. Guitar-driven with bold drum beats, White’s tracks are filled with indie-rock and Britpop sounds; however, the underlying punk vocals make the songs quite brusque and aggressive. While the instrumentation is quite dynamic, the vocals “make” the tracks and take you on an emotional journey.

“The ethos is a reflection on the past and present of my life and human emotion. Furlough has allowed me to process a number of emotions including looking back humorously at a naive student through to processing grief and the loss of my father in 2018.” – Adam White on Standing On My Own

White takes you on a tumultuous journey in Standing On My Own from the confusion of entering adulthood in ‘Standing On My Own’ to ‘Can’t Have It All’ touching on the frustration of making sacrifices in life. The desperation, hopelessness and agitation of life in ‘A New Horizon’ and ‘Too Late’ make the EP seem rather depressing and pessimistic. However, White shows that life isn’t a “complete drag” with the positive tracks ‘Moments In Time’ and ‘By Your Side’ showing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what do I have to say about Standing On My Own? Blunt, brutal and spewing honesty, White takes a trip from control to unrestrained emphasising sentiment, genuineness and life in its purest form.

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