EP Review: monocrome // Reawaken

Reawaken are an alternative band with incredibly diverse influences ranging from Alter Bridge to Ariana Grande. The band are gaining a reputation in the heavy scene through supporting Sumo Cyco in Southampton, and release their debut EP ‘monocrome’ this week.


The first thing you notice is that the production is fucking massive. The guitars make the record sound huge, with Nathan Page and Matt Gregory providing some tasty, tight licks. But Meg Parkinson’s lead vocals are like nothing else in the genre, they are in a different league. Influenced by Ariana Grande, they have so much depth, and this is evident on both lead single ‘Don’t Run’ and ‘Black Tears.’ On the former track, the vocal performance is jaw-dropping, working superbly with the heavy instrumentation. On the latter track, there is an intro that is reminiscent of System of a Down, and then it is full of soul once the vocals kick in. It’s a slower track, but it is one that brings all the emotion. It shows that the band can adapt and do both heavy songs and ballads.

The last track, ‘I’m Gone’ really shows the bands potential, with a passionate vocal performance. It starts off with clean guitars, and Parkinson talking about an abusive, narcissistic ex: “You’re a psycho that’s driving me insane”. It then kicks in with some big power chords and drums, and the way Parkinson plays with the notes is superb to listen to vocally.

‘monochrome’ shows that Reawaken are ones to watch in the future. It’s a sonically brilliant EP to listen to, and the huge soulful vocals interplay brilliantly with the heavy guitars. If you’re into Alter Bridge’s big riffs, you’re going to love this record.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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