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EP Review: My Living Room of Acceptance // Rhys Tranter

It was in his teens (16-years-old to be exact) that Australian singer-songwriter Rhys Tranter began writing music. A little while later, Rhys left for London, UK, where he focused on performing; however, upon returning to his homeland he chose to focus on songwriting. What I will “speak” with you is Rhys Tranter’s solo project, but he has his fair bit of experience playing in various bands within the Australian music scene. After exploring acoustic-based sounds, Rhys decided to move on from groups and take on the scene independently.

Approximately three years since his last EP, Rhys Tranter returns with an insightful and innovative acoustic sound in the new release My Living Room of Acceptance. Featuring the lead single ‘Woman of the Apocalypse’, already featured on several online radio stations, My Living Room of Acceptance is a four-track record touching on hope, trust and originality.

A truly innovative artist, it is difficult to describe Rhys Tranter’s style. Melding elements of rock and roll, grunge and indie-rock with country undertones, it is evident that Rhys is not one to be pigeon-holed. Eclectic to the core, My Living Room of Acceptance is a transition through several decades, genres and even sub-genres. Like I said, he really isn’t one to be pigeon-holed.

Some albums will retain a specific sound throughout the full record, but Rhys Tranter is not one of these artists. Capable of creating a hazy ambience with an atmospheric soundscape, My Living Room of Acceptance cradles a listener in a warm blanket only to effortlessly move on from comfort to craziness. This is not only seen with the arrangement of tracks moving from slow to frenzied, but occurs within one single itself – as can be well noted in ‘Women of the Apocalypse’.

A multi-instrumentalist, we get to see a plethora of instrumentation used throughout the EP. Highly guitar-driven, there are instances of brass and strings adding to the pounding drums and powerful guitars, particularly in the track ‘Sometimes’. Much steadier and flowing with folk-esque undertones, ‘Sometimes’ is a charming ballad among a mire of rock and roll. My favourite single has to be ‘Hustling Man’ with the grunge meets alternative rock style. The guitars merge with Rhys’s throaty vocals to bring out a grittiness matching the theme of the “hustling man”.

Yes, the EP can chill your spine and stir your soul with melody alone; however, the intimacy and intensity of lyricism is enhanced with the gruff, brash and sexy vocals. Reflective, introspective and experimental, My Living Room of Acceptance encapsulates vulnerability, strength, empowerment, hopefulness and nonchalance in a cool, calm and edgy way.

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