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EP Review: Oh Anna! // The Cookie Jar Complot

No newbies to the music scene, Luxembourg-based artists Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener have played and written work for multiple acts in the past. Combining their musical talents, Sven and Gilles create the post-rock project The Cookie Jar Complot. Featured on various publications and playlists, including YACK! Magazine, Edgar Allan Poets, The Other Side Reviews and CLUNK Magazine (to name a few), The Cookie Jar Complot is building an international following. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the EP Oh Anna!

Following their two-track EP Cookies, The Cookie Jar Complot release another two-track EP Oh Anna! As with Cookies, Sven and Gilles elegantly weave together hard-hitting synths with powerful guitars in a cinematic soundscape. Yet, unlike their previous work, Oh Anna! Has a heavier, more intense and darker sound to it. In the opening track ‘Oh Anna!’, we are introduced to a soothing art-rock style as it begins, however, the lads bring in high-powered instrumentation arranging this energetic, frenetic musical masterpiece to ensnare your senses and take you on a rollercoaster of a ride.

Describing the track ‘Oh Anna!’ as “…a fierce and energetic song about breaking rules and tradition by delivering the unexpected…a dash of playful melancholy just to sweeten the mesmerising feeling of liberation at the end.”, The Cookie Jar Complot toss you into a sonic whirlpool. The thing is, while you feel exhausted at the end of the first single, you are taken on another journey with ‘Corruption and Violence’. Drawing together classic and hard rock elements, ‘Corruption and Violence’ has a heaviness to it; however, there is a softness at the end bringing a charm, gentleness and “feeling of liberation” to the EP.

This is not my introduction to The Cookie Jar Complot, but it is more impressive than my previous taste of their EP CAVIAR CAPITAL. In my opinion, Oh Anna! is a musical masterpiece just waiting to be enjoyed by the masses.

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