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EP Review: Paracosmic Collision // Enid

Finding the delicate balance between light and dark, harmony and chaos, surrealism and brutal honesty, Enid releases their debut EP Paracosmic Collision. This is my introduction to Enid, but they have already turned heads across the globe with coverage from The Other Side Reviews, York Calling, Fame Magazine and Info Music (to name a few). Come with us as we delve into the evocative sound of Enid.

Eclectic and obscure, Paracosmic Collision is a mishmash of ethereal music that both disconcerts you but also wraps you in a gossamer blanket of warmth. Opening with the pop-inspired track ‘And I’, the Belgium group grab your hand leading you into a smooth, sophisticated soundscape. Yet, their versatility is quickly highlighted with movements from blues-tinged ‘Dream Within A Dream’ to synth-pop ‘Runaway Girl’ and indie-rock ‘Part Again’.

While the instrumental arrangement can hold its own, I find that Nawal’s lead vocals add an extra something special to Paracosmic Collision. Obscure and intriguing, she lies somewhere between Alanis Morrissette and Amanda Palmer; yet there is a more melodic distinction in her voice making her unforgettable. The range of her enigmatic vocals is elegantly heard in the final track ‘To Little or Not Purpose’. To be honest, I think this may be my favourite track as it tips you into a whirlpool of sound spinning you about with its kaleidoscopic nature.

Using the words of iconic poet Edgar Allan Poe, Enid elegantly brings an ethereal quality to some disconcerting, but also endearing lyrics. As I mentioned, this is my introduction to Enid, but I can’t wait for more from the talented group.

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