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EP Review: Save Yourself // Liquid State

Liquid State grew up in the moshpit. Their sound is influenced by the likes of Muse and Marmozets, which is demonstrated on their debut EP Save Yourself. The band have established a growing reputation around Bristol, but can Save Yourself retain its heaviness throughout?

The EP opens up with ‘Temper.’ It’s a firecracker, a bold statement of intent. It opens with a slow, heavy riff that’s built for the pit. What makes this track exciting is the flanger on the vocals which add to the emotion in the lyrics. The guitars are full of energy and confidence.

On listening to the rest of the EP, it’s clear that it is full of optimism and attitude. This is displayed in the technical creative riffs that will have you foaming at the mouth. What is also evident is a passionate vocal delivery that compliments the guitars. An example of this is on both the upbeat ‘Bones to Glass’ and ‘Unscathed.’ The former contains an energetic riff and a bouncy chorus – right now as I’m listening, I can picture a group of sweaty people moshing and having the time of their lives. The latter track ramps up the energy, matching it with an infectious chorus and melody.



Liquid State have a clear idea about who their audience is, but the melodic elements and the strong Marmozets influence leads to a sound that can appeal to a wide audience. On ‘Unscathed’, they spice things up with a chunky beatdown before the final chorus. It’s stunning, keeping the listener hooked and on their toes.

On ‘Dirty Little Preachers’, the band can also write slower songs really well too. It is reminiscent of The Pretty Reckless, but also contains their own flavour, which helps them stand out. On this track, the bass and guitar are bolstered in the mix, creating a huge emotional impact. This allows the vocals to breathe fully, making them sound massive.

Save Yourself is an EP that should be played loud while containing enough melodic accessibility resulting in an enjoyable listen. Both these key components show that Liquid State is a force to be reckoned with.

Feature photo credit: Ali Fewell

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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