EP Review: Shutup // Millie Manders & the Shutup

Millie Manders & the Shutup are a ska-punk outfit who write upbeat riffs that are suited for a moshpit. They are creating a reputation, having played at both Boomtown and Rebellion Festival, and release their new EP, ‘Shutup’, on the 21st September. The album is an energetic rollercoaster and a fun listen.




Opener ‘Brave’ is raucous, full of trumpets and upbeat guitars. It could be about breaking away from a monotonous job, while the chorus is sung with a lot of passion. The trumpet solo is perfect for a skank while adding a bigger element to the bands’ sound. ‘Lollipops’ and ‘One That Got Away’ both contain bite and aggression, but also showcase a melodic side that helps them stand out. The former contains a bruising angry chorus, which will get stuck in your head for days, while the latter is grittier and contains a heavy breakdown. This demonstrates the bands’ diversity and a welcoming change of pace.

The final track, ‘Right to Life’ starts out with a soulful vocal amongst a backdrop of haunting guitars. Then all of a sudden the brass kicks in, and it’s joyous. The vocals interplay very well with the guitars, resulting in a huge party in the ears.

‘Shutup’ shows off Millie Manders & the Shutup’s energy very well, and it is a great EP for fans of punk and ska music to sink their teeth into.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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