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EP Review: Solace // In Fear They Follow

Sometimes, the best music comes from difficult periods. A perfect example of this is ‘Solace’, the new EP from Devon metalcore band In Fear They Follow. The record is heavy and powerful. Lyrically, it is about vocalist Jake Searle fighting his inner demons, and betrayal.

The band brings its own flavour of metalcore inspired by nu-metal and deathcore. ‘Midas’ shows Searle’s diverse vocal range, going from false chord screams to a nu-metal inspired chorus. The lyrics tackle narcissism and you can hear the anger in Searle’s voice when he screams: “I hope you drown!”

The guitars on this album are crushing and violent. They help maximize the sound, matching the equally angry lyrics.  ‘Erebus’ is a grower, you need to listen to it a few times to appreciate it. But once you do, the raw emotions will hit you hard. There are strong deathcore influences, especially the pulsating china cymbal, which will make your heart stop.

The title track features a lot of atmospheric guitar leads in the background, which compliments the nu-metal rapping very well. It offers something different to the scene.

‘Solace’ is an EP that incorporates a wide range of influences. It’s an emotional record; the brutal, angry lyrics provide a feeling of catharsis. It will be interesting to see where In Fear They Follow go from here, but their lyrics are inspiring and relatable. It is a strong addition to the band’s catalogue and will bring in more fans.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos   

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