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EP Review: Sugarcoated // Tarn PK

Featured on international blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Music Arena GH, Illustrate Magazine, Rising Artists Blog and Sniffers, singer-songwriter and producer Tarn PK is reaching audiences far beyond his native New Zealand. With his eclectic, experimental and unique music, Tarn PK is carving a niche for himself creating a sound that is entirely original – purely Tarn PK and nothing else. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is the EP Sugarcoated.

Following his well-received single ‘Petty’ (which happens to feature on the new EP), Sugarcoated is a conglomeration of dream-pop meets commercial pop sounds. A strong electronic influence can be heard in the five-track EP; however, a softer tone exists in the arrangement. Bold and obscure, the raw synths are prominent, but Tarn PK’s soothing pop style belies the fuzzy tunes acting as an anchor in the chaos.

Unlike his previous EP, Sugarcoated moves away from a stripped-back approach embracing an electronic soundscape. Interestingly enough, while this release is upbeat and digital, it retains a sense of rawness and brash starkness in the melodies. Tarn PK explains that “although I was making an EP that was more electronic focused, it was important for it to never feel clean…a lot of distortion and crushing makes it feel a little messy…”

Regarding the flow of the melodies, each has a unique distortion making it an EP of contrasting sounds. Yet, while there is diversity in the singles, a consistency exists with similar sounds evident in the pop-inspired tracks. Tarn PK further explains that “…there are a lot of similar sounds which I used, there’s one clav sound which is used in pretty much every song. I’ve always been a fan of producers and artists that can keep using the same sounds but make them feel different and distinct which was something I was excited to try.”

From the opening ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ to the title track ‘Sugarcoated’, Tarn PK has you floating on a sonic cloud with a swirl of colours flitting before your face. Swooning and soul-stirring, each of the songs run through your veins with its exquisite melody. This being the case, it is difficult to choose a favourite, but I believe ‘Fever Dream’ may be mine. Upbeat, hyper and filled with soulful tones, it stands out above the rest. I recommend you listen to Sugarcoated to find your favourite.

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