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EP Review: Sukh // Falling Asleep With The TV On

Hailing from Wolverhampton, UK, but now residing in Manchester, Sukh is not only a singer-songwriter but also an NHS doctor. Yep, it’s the singing doctor expressing his frustrations and fears using the power of song. Sukh began his musical career in 2013 when he recorded and released the well-received album Kings. Gruelling studies and a hectic life on hospital words inspired Sukh to write and release Galatic Love Machine in 2018. The latest addition to his repertoire is the EP Falling Asleep with the TV On.

As with many artists nowadays, materials is being recorded at home due to the Covid-19 lockdowns and self-isolation. Falling Asleep with the TV On touches on the frustration, fear, desperation and utter exasperation felt by people during this pandemic. Lyrically, it is sombre, poignant and pretty much straightforward encapsulating all these distressing emotions in three simple songs. However, it is not only the lyrics that are heart-aching but the melody that emphasises these feelings.

Only three tracks long, Falling Asleep with the TV On draws on the seriousness of alternative rock, the grit of indie-rock and the nostalgic ambience of post-punk. Moving from the intense pain of ‘Airbourne’ to the indie-rock inspired ‘Falling Asleep with the TV On’ and the complexity of dealing with the pandemic in ‘Nightingale’, Sukh captures the sense of escapism, fear and distress felt by all people during this time. ‘Nightingale’ is a particular favourite as it details the emotional journeys felt by health care workers throughout this pandemic.

Part indie-rock with some darker undertones, Sukh has created a unique and definitive sound for these dark times. Haunting melodies with bold vocals make the EP somewhat discomforting; however, it maintains a sense of encouragement knowing that you are not alone in your self-torment.

Sukh released a lyric video for ‘Airborne’ which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

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