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EP Review: Telemark // Ihsahn

Black metal legend Ihsahn has been influential in the scene. As well as being Emperor’s vocalist, he’s released genre-bending solo albums. He released his latest solo album ‘Telemark’ earlier this month on Candlelight Records.

There is a lot going on in ‘Stridig’ because the pummeling drums complement the brass section very well. ‘Nord’ has whispered vocals which add to the dark atmosphere. This, combined with the beautiful guitar solo, shows a versatility which sounds nothing like you’ve heard before.

The EP finishes with two covers. The first one, a cover of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Rock n’ Roll Is Dead’ does the original justice while adding new elements. The guttural vocals bring a different flavour while the chorus is passionate.

The second cover is Iron Maiden’s ‘Wrathchild.’ It is brilliant because the brass section makes it more upbeat than the original.

On ‘Telemark’, Ihshahn continues to evolve and push boundaries. As a result, this is a record that is well worth your time.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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