EP Review: The Black Rite // Veiled

Veiled are one of the most exciting acts in deathcore. Gaining a reputation with their single ‘Parasite’, they released a new EP called “The Black Rite” earlier this year. Having not listened to an awful lot of metal myself personally, it is time to delve into this potentially brutal music.

Opening song “The Discovering (I)” has some fantastic screams with drums that tie the whole thing together. It is a very good start with some absolute fury. You wonder where this is heading next. It’s only “Recusant” with its downtuned riff. I like the piano that comes in towards the end but quite frankly, it’s the guitar that shapes the song. The chorus is okay, I am getting used to the singers’ vocal performance on this EP. I think the screams add some depth.

Goodness gracious, three tracks in and “Confession” really cuts, the tremolo is like a chainsaw and the powerful weight of the vocals hits harder than a hammer. I think that’s a drop F riff on “Relinquished, it really adds to that eerie and spooky atmosphere that I have now been accustomed to. It is excellent stuff.

This EP by Veiled has it all for a deathcore fan, pummeling screams, interesting riffs, and an aggression that is fit for the pit. Even an EUUURGH on “The Becoming (II). It has it all. And a string section that sounds really fucking creepy.

A must listen.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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