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EP Review: The Lost Persons Meeting Point // Alex Ohm

Hitting the ground running, Alex Ohm and his band begin 2021 with their five-track EP The Lost Persons Meeting Point. But who is Alex Ohm I hear you say. Well, let’s get through an introduction before we move onto the music (that’s the fun part).

A renowned name on the Midlands music scene, Alex Ohm is a singer-songwriter laying evocative lyrics over enchanting melodies. Internationally recognised, Alex has toured worldwide as well as opening shows as The Charlatans, Ian Brown and Ocean Colour Scene. Featured on various playlists and publications (including Clout, The Other Side Reviews and Louder Than War), Alex is taking his genre-defying sound directly to a global audience. The latest addition to his discography is The Lost Persons Meeting Point.

From ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ to ‘Time Waits (For No One)’, The Lost Persons Meeting Point showcases the group’s innovativeness as artists. While the EP has a strong indie-rock flavour throughout, the incorporation of hard rock in ‘Breaking Up’ and folk-rock in ‘Time Waits (For No One)’ demonstrates their versatility and flexibility.

Beginning with the high-paced ‘Going Nowhere Fast’, Alex pushes you headfirst into a whirlpool of sound; however, the water subsides slightly with a steadier pace in ‘Hours’. ‘Breaking Up’ opens with smooth guitars but quickly descends into a heavier rock-influenced instrumentation ala Three Days Grace or Stone Sour. ‘Sometimes’ brings back the lighthearted melody, but with a melancholic feel near the end. Then we end with the folk-esque ‘Time Waits (For No One)’.

What I find particularly intriguing is how each melody matches the concept of the track. For instance, ‘Breaking Up’ has a grittier feel corresponding with frustration of an ending relationship. Touching on issues from isolation, inner-turmoil, anger, desperation and the rage of uncertainty, The Lost Persons Meeting Point is a highly relevant EP for modern day society.

A kaleidoscopic representation of reality, The Lost Persons Meeting Point exposes every inch of existential truths. The pounding drums, dynamic guitars and Alex’s rich vocals inspire soul-stirring music for every person’s playlist. Spine-chilling, addictive and utterly insatiable, the group’s warmth and boldness will plant their music in your brain and you’ll never get it out. It’s a good thing.

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