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EP Review: What Doesn’t Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger // Tenements

Tenements are a post-hardcore outfit from Scotland. Their burgeoning reputation and heavier take on post-hardcore has seen them tour with the likes of InVisions and Novelists. The band’s debut EP, ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger.’ It was produced by Bruce Rintoul, who has worked with Fatherson and VUKOVI so it will be interesting to see if he can blend the emotion and intensity.

On opening track ‘The Fear’, the band show their aggressive side with fast heavy riffs. It’s about the paranoia of drinking and the inability of the protagonist to see through the problem. The screams bring out this passion, in particular, the lyric “Everybody is lying to you.” This signals a raw and energetic start.


The EP continues with ‘Civil Unrest, an intonation.’ This track is a sampled quote from the TV Series The Twilight Zone, describing a man who decays in the chaotic cesspool of life. The quote is poignant and relatable. “And the keeper of this sewer: man. He is a scientifically advanced monkey who walks upright with eyes wide open, through an abyss of his own making. His bombs, fallout, poisons, radioactivity, everything he designs as an art of dying is his excuse for living.“ It concludes with the world not recognizing how insane this predicament is. The guitar on top is in a minor key, providing the perfect soundtrack.

‘Permanent (More than a Memory)’ and ‘You Could’ve Fooled Me’ both show off the band’s melodic side. The former has a lot of melodies, mixing the screams and cleans nicely, while the latter has an incredibly catchy chorus. ‘Silhouettes’ is about a potential disintegration of a relationship. The emotion during the lyrics: “you treat me like a silhouette” is clear for the listener to hear, containing an abundance of passion.

However, the band save the best for last on ‘Standing on the Backs of Angels.’ When Darren Coles screams “All heart, no vision” it’s combined with an angry breakdown. This is melded with a melodic chorus which will get stuck in your head. It could prove popular at their live shows as well, bringing the curtain down nicely.

WDKYIOGS is a promising EP that fuses both melodic and heavy instrumentation. The vocals are passionate and bleed emotion, and it’s a must for fans of Underoath and Funeral For a Friend.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos









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