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'Evolve or Die' Marks The Continued Evolution of Trio 'Tigercub'

With the end of the year swiftly approaching, it’s nice to know that there are still some more fantastic releases that the world of music has yet to provide. One such release is Evolve or Die by Tigercub. With this release by the band, we at Nexus consider it to be one of the most spectacular ways to see out 2017 and introduce yet more of the same quality throughout 2018.

Tigercub-Evolve-Or-Die-EPCommenting on the release, the band stated:

“No one said this was gonna be easy – old habits die hard and it’s something Tigercub live and die by. Evolve or Die is our mission statement, a roll of the dice in good faith. We went into the studio with an open mind and a will to experiment. We pushed ourselves way out of our comfort zone in an attempt the find something special that belongs to us and we couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved.

And it is this sense of venturing outside of their comfort zone which seems to have paid dividends to the continuation of talent that has so often been bestowed on Tigercub. Evolve or Die contains elements that facilitate head nodding antics one moment, and in the next allows for a level of reflection that is matched only by the depths of the tracks themselves. The culmination of brilliant guitar riffs, song writing and the sound itself drives it into a niche that Tigercub often have no issue occupying.

This EP is more than just a collective of tracks that have been crafted with a specific design in mind. It’s a statement of intent that Tigercub continue to improve their songwriting, content and deliverance throughout every release.

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