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Track Review: Fading Away // Stephanie Heitz

Despite her songwriting prowess being discovered in 2019 with the debut EP Dark To Light, Stephanie Heitz has been singing all of her life. Inspired by her grandmother, she works with various industry professionals to bring her music to the masses. While this is my introduction to US-based singer-songwriter Stephanie Heitz, she has been featured on numerous publications, playlists and worked with renowned musicians in her career. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Fading Away’.

Described by The Other Side Reviews as having “…a wonderful musing feeling to her vocals that is wrapped around a delightful vulnerability”, Stephanie shows how sensitivity, fragility and vulnerability can be beautiful. Recorded and produced remotely, ‘Fading Away’ has this sentimentality in its exquisite composition. Touching on elements of self-worth and empowerment, the track engages with listeners across the globe as a valuable connection between herself and others. It is as if Stephanie represents the poignant insecurity of a generation in her music…and the subsequential act of self-growth.

Reminiscent of jazz singers Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse, Stephanie brings the intensity of old-school soul/jazz to contemporary pop. Not only does the instrumentation work harmoniously with the obscure vocals, but there is a sexiness about Stephanie that translates in the song. It makes sense that such sensuality should be so evident considering the message of accepting oneself completely. While there are tinges of confusion and angst in lyricism, the overall concept of self-empowerment sparks hope and optimism. I have not come across Stephanie Heitz before but I will not forget her anytime soon.

“This song was inspired by the concept of embracing your value and never compromising. If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you’ve already forgotten your value.” – Stephanie Heitz on ‘Fading Away’

One thought on “Track Review: Fading Away // Stephanie Heitz

  • Jay Heinz

    That was a wonderful description of Stephanie and her music!! I love how her personality and soul shines through her music and lyrics with such uplifting encouraging lyrics and also wonderful soul in her voice and singing!!!


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