Fall of Messiah create a depth of emotion on new album ‘Senicarne’

Influenced by Caspian and Pianos Become the Teeth, Fall of Messiah blend ambient post-rock with distorted guitars. Their emotional music has won them a loyal fanbase and festival slots at ArcTanGent and Dunk Festival. The band, consisting of Pierre Bailleul (drums/vocals), Sylvain Moulin (bass/vocals), Benjamin Defer (guitar/vocals), Matthieu Raoult (guitar), and Martin Moulin (guitar), will release their fourth album Senicarne on Holy Roar Records later this month.

Senicarne is about how humans have evolved. Senicarne written backwards is “enracineś”; this translates as “rooted” in French. But it also has a deeper meaning because “seni” “carne” translates as “old flesh” in Latin.

The clean guitar tones are hypnotic and send you in a trance. This is evident on ‘Atlantique’ because they work well with the crashing cymbals. There’s a hint of black metal on ‘Sequoia’ because it starts with fast drumming and a huge wall of noise, before the clean guitars calm things down. It’s exciting because you don’t know what’s going to come next.

‘Young Pines’ is one of the rockier songs from the album. The unclean vocals remind me of Pianos Become the Teeth and add a layer of heaviness, while the clean guitars bring a tidal wave of emotion.

Senicarne shows why Holy Roar is one of the best metal labels in the UK. It shows Fall of Messiah have so much diversity to their sound. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Senicarne is out on July 31st on Holy Roar Records.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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