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Featured – Best Ex Release New EP 'Ice Cream Anti-Social'.

Released via Alcopop! Records, ‘Ice Cream Anti-Social’ is the latest EP from the band ‘Best Ex’ following their name change from ‘Candy Hearts’.  The band, (made up of members Mariel Loveland, Matthew Ferraro and John Clifford) have recently concluded a lengthy US tour alongside The Promise of Redemption (ex-Valencia),  Daisyhead (No Sleep Records), Baggage (ex-Swellers), and June Divided.
The EP contains six tracks which exude characteristics such as open book lyricism and insightfulness. This EP promises to project ‘Best Ex’ to old and new audiences alike with the best possible balance of musicianship, professionalism and deliverance.
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The decision for a stand out track off of the EP can be placed firmly at the feet of ‘Someday‘. With group vocals, harmonies, and upbeat synths surging and swirling, this is an anthem or perhaps a soundtrack for those who relate so easily to the frustrations of life and the work that goes into navigating and overcoming that. Displaying a level of open book lyricism, there is a sense of polish and grit in equal measure that goes a long way to introducing you to the type of feel found throughout the EP.
This EP is a demonstration that Mariel is growing into an individual with a clear decisiveness in vision through both content and performance. Couple her previous punk leaning work with pop arrangements and you get the track ‘Girlfriend’ which has gained recognition from various outlets such as Billboard and Substream and is an absolute must when selecting individual EP tracks as your favourites.
Speaking about the new EP, Mariel says: Ice Cream Anti Social is sort of an ode to those moments where you’re alone in your room and reflecting on your life. As a whole, it covers those sort of thoughts you can’t kick when you’re lying in bed about to fall asleep, or it’s midnight and you’re in your underwear, eating ice cream out of the carton, wondering what the heck happened to you”.

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