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Featured – 'Birthday Card' Release Debut Single and Video Titled 'Heartstops'

Birthday Card‘, a four piece Buckinghamshire based band have released their debut single and video titled ‘Heartstops‘. The video has been viewed twenty thousand times on their Facebook page, more than three thousand times on Youtube and is a reminder to all bands that quirky and cool can co-exist in the space of just over four minutes.
Birthday Card Cover Art
The video for ‘Heartstops’ provides all of the fun, uniqueness and humour that a new, original band looks to capture and it delivers that in favourable, digestible-sized chunks.
To begin with, it does a fantastic job of being an upbeat, good mood capturing video which portrays the very fibres of the track itself, albeit in a quirky fashion. Secondly, you’ll find bright colours, picnic tables, band members popping out from under tables, a cat and a washing line….. Like we said, quirky, unique and possibly the first ever feature in a music video for a washing line? Possibly. On the other hand, as random as the description sounds, it’s a video that is very well put together and it feels as if it enhances an already great track with an identity given through humour and various levels of experimentation.
The track itself is a debut of dreamy guitar tones, with waves of feel good exiting at every angle and a re-entry to your ears as smooth as silk. These aspects alone make for a fantastic debut track, the clarity in ‘Heartstops’ is brilliant, you manage to be drawn in whilst you admire the surrounding soundscape and creative techniques used to make it the way it is. The surrounding instrumentation is measured and provides an outlay that further makes you appreciate the track as a whole. The drums are decisive and distinct, the vocals fit seamlessly into the very fabric of the track with the bass helping you to glide along your journey in an effortless way.
We are loving the sound of ‘Birthday Card‘ and are also enjoying the video that accompanies the track. With summer in full swing, be sure to watch out for them on playlists and impressing at gigs, we have no doubt that there is much more to come from ‘Birthday Card‘.
Watch ‘Heartstops’ Here:
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 14.17.14
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