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Featured – Blushes EP Review 'Private Viewing'

Blushes are a dream pop/rock band that formed in early 2016, with many diverse sound qualities such as male/female vocals and the element of hybrid electro/acoustic rhythm section. The band dropped ‘Private Viewing‘ in early 2017 for audiences to add to their playlists and collections alike. Recently, the quartet played their first headline show in London at 93 Feet East in early June, showing that they have continued to impress and build as a band across every area of the musical spectrum.
Amongst the various achievements Blushes have achieved in the earliest days of their music career so far, this EP can be considered one of those achievements.
Listening to earlier releases by Blushes from 2016, it isn’t hard to see a distinct evolution in their music and arrangements, whilst still managing to keep the core of their sound in play throughout their EP. The guitars still have a vibrant feel and the EP contains tracks that will have your head nodding from start to finish, building on the very best parts of earlier tracks such as ‘Medusa‘. There are contrasts that can be made as with any band evolving their sound, but the most stand out improvements are the arrangements and space for focal points throughout the EP such as the vocals and guitars.
To the Bone‘  is undoubtedly the standout out track from the EP. With playful guitar riffs mixed with an inventive and youthful sound that would provoke frantic foot tapping from the most reserved of individuals. The track feels very clean and the female vocal offers support and variety in all of the right places, adding energy and assertiveness to an already great chorus made up of interesting instrumentation and varied tones. However, our other favourite track is titled ‘Skin‘, which is introduced through an incredible ambience that closes the EP perfectly. Meaningful lyrics, a supportive and hypnotic guitar tone all blended expertly with good vocal performances from both male and female vocalists.
Private Viewing‘ is an EP that will delight fans and new audiences alike with two unique and fantastic stand out tracks in ‘To the Bone‘ and ‘Skin‘. As a listener you get the feeling that the direciton that band are taking is one that they will develop and harness to totally be their own. June won’t be the only headline gig in London that this band get offered and will be well worth watching out for in the future.
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