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Featured – Domino Release Video For 'My Car With You'

Domino, a two piece band from Paris consisting of Julie Auxoux and Luc Anger many not be familiar to many here in the UK. However, the band themselves are aiming to change that with the release of their new video for one of the latest tracks they have released titled ‘My Car With You’.
In almost totally unsuspecting fashion, the videos main focus is that of a car on a journey through various different locations featuring  Julie Auxoux, the lead singer of Domino as the driver and Luc Anger as the victim.
Light hearted sarcasm aside, the video provides a calming and reassuring sense that the band are on a journey themselves and are heading towards a destination that looks more hopeful than the one presented to Luc Anger at the conclusion of ‘My Car With You‘.
Overall, it compliments the amazing work that Domino has done in creating such a beautiful track. Featuring dreamy guitars and a vocal that fits perfectly with the ease and leisurely nature of the track, providing distinct background harmonies and a chorus so catchy that you may find yourself humming along at various points throughout your day. Couple a vocal performance that is measured, unfathomable, eloquent and wonderful, with the various values that can be found throughout the production and arrangement and you may be well on your way to understanding just how much potential Domino have going forward.
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