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Featured – Highlighting Manchester duo 'Fliiis' and talking about 'Venice'

Today we kick off our new ‘Featured’ section where we aim to give readers more artists with an increased variety of content which is connected to what you need to hear.
To begin the new feature, we focus on Manchester duo Fliiis. Consisting of Daniel Johnson and Jazz Smith, Fliiis originate from Stoke-on-Trent and have been making noise across socials and airwaves alike. With plays and appearances on their local BBC Introducing, they have also gained an Introducing live session which has gone on to develop a dedicated fan base and following.
Adding to the band’s creativity through cover art, which certainly makes for a unique talking point and a swift ‘paws’ for thought are the various approaches they take to their content. And it is this varied, dynamic quality which channels itself into every aspect of Fliiis as they reassert creativity in abundance. Infusing elements of Indie, Pop, R&B and Neo-Soul amongst others, it feels incredible to go from the smooth, chilled electric piano vibes of their track ‘Work It Out’ and be teleported to their recent release ‘Venice’ (although not literally).
Venice opens with the subtlest of melodic, reverberant percussion sections before introducing you to a spacious pop style riff that is sure to set your head nodding. The many layers of instrumentation speak the very volumes of talent that the duo aims to have you tuned into throughout the track. Supported by vocals that sit on a bed of sound perfectly suited towards the track, we can see the appeal the band is having to a vast audience of people and the duo can consider us amongst their fans also.
Fliiis and their new track ‘Venice’ will be available on our ‘Unearthed’ playlist later in the week so be sure to check it out when it’s available on Wednesday.
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