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Featured – Junction 25 Set to Release 'Wait For Me'.

Nottingham three-piece Junction 25, made up of Lewis Hall (guitar, vocals), James Atkins (lead guitar) and Ben Abrahart (drums) can be forgiven for being a band name that you may not have heard up until now. However, the trio are set to release their latest track ‘Wait For Me‘, which encompasses and enhances the individual elements that the band were able to capture on earlier releases such as ‘Big Blue Eyes‘.
Being lucky enough to get our hands on the track early, we can tell you that it feels like the bands best work to date. The feel of the guitars and the track as a whole just sweeps you along effortlessly and is easily comparable to a breath of fresh air. You get encouraged to continue ahead with your listening experience through meaningful lyrics and a strong vocal performance. These elements are furthered by a drum pattern which adds to the very fabric of the track and reinforces the tonality and quality found throughout.
The arrangement as a whole is refreshing, especially in a time where the trend of almost every track feels rushed just to get to the chorus and provide a payoff that takes away from the artistic qualities found in building layers and emotion. This point alone is specifically interesting for us at Nexus as sometimes we are critical of a track that doesn’t get to a chorus quick enough. However, what you have in ‘Wait For Me’ is a perfect blend of direction, tonality and emotion which makes the time taken to build this sound palette more than welcomed.
Although the date for this release is being kept close to the chest of the band, it is fantastic to hear new material coming to the surface and is a return that we will look forward to covering in the future.

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