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Featured – Katie Mac Releases 'Into The Wild'

Katie Mac seems to have an abundance of ability when it comes to all things music. After making appearances at The Great Escape and yet another two appearances at Sound City this year, Katie Mac released her new single that she self-produced in true DIY fashion. The track follows on from Mac’s impressive singles, ‘Eye To Eye’ (featured on Spotify’s Badass Women playlist), and, ‘Drugs and Older Women’.
Katie delivers an honest and heartfelt performance which weaves itself through every inch of ‘Into The Wild‘. Conveying raw emotion and integrity, the vocal is layered with instrumentation and an arrangement that supports the fundamental feelings being projected and placed at the feet of the listener. The performance is dynamic and does wholehearted justice when it comes to resonating with the listener on a personal level, making this track nothing short of amazing. It’s genuine, it has much meaning, all whilst displaying a large amount of infectious, harmonious qualities summarised into a brief four-minute window.
Behind the performance, the instrumentation and the arrangement is a keen lyrical depth that purveys a subject matter-come-dream that most find themselves wishing they could fulfil. With a story detailing how Mac left full-time work to pursue music properly, it’s a look into an artist’s true dedication and commitment that many will appreciate. Katie is known to be all or nothing when it comes to her music, this performance, topic and track feels as if it supports that knowingness tenfold.
Of the single, Katie said,  “Into the Wild is entirely about my realisation that life is too short to go to work. I wrote it a few weeks after I quit my job and decided to fully throw myself into making my life what I want it to be. I was bored and I don’t like being told what to do. There is no going back now.”

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