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Featured – Queensburys Unleash Four-Minute Behemoth Titled 'Won't Shut Up'

Queensburys, a four piece alternative rock band who take influences from the blues and jam genres present their latest track ‘Won’t Shut Up’. It’s a near four-minute behemoth of brilliant riffs, arrangement, instrumentation and a vocal performance with enough grit and intensity that it can’t help but cement itself firmly into pole position for our ‘Featured’ section this week.
‘Won’t Shut Up’ carries itself not only with an enormous amount of intensity but is introduced to your senses with an undeniable level of swagger and confidence that leaves you asking ‘Who are these guys?’. Its aim is to provide an impactful smash on the senses so big it can’t be ignored, and believe us, it won’t be. The four piece have obviously found a signature sound which we feel works really well and creates a plethora of positive talking points.
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‘Won’t Shut Up’ starts out with a vocal sample which adds a different dynamic to that of most songs we have the opportunity to review. Talking about freedom, this sample shifts the track into first gear to set up the guitar riff that you’ll hear repeating in the background throughout. The riff takes on its own characteristics as it moulds itself around the drums and seamlessly blends into an arrangement that looks to give space to make the vocals the centre stage. Strong and direct in tone, the vocal performance contains a rough edge that perfectly carves out the frustration that is made to be portrayed throughout the lyrics of the track. The vocal delay presents an alternative dynamic and depicts a feeling of depth which provides an uncanny ability to resonate with the listener, inviting the listener to do the same in return.
It seems inexcusable to us that anybody listening to this track couldn’t be invested in it by the time we reach the two and a half minute mark. However, if you still occupy a position that you feel needs a little bit more diversity and a wall of noise that you can run headlong into just to give out your approval, then strap yourself in for a final assault. Headed up by a guitar solo bottling all the energy of the vocal performance and offering it to you in a conveniently sized bottle as you’re cheered on to down it by the rest of the instrumentation, we highly advise you just give in and go with the track down a path you won’t regret giving your time to.
This track is one of our favourite of 2017 by any emerging band or artist that we have had the chance to review so far. We expect to be seeing a lot more of Queensburys and aim to bring you more content on them in the future.
Listen to the track here:
Queensburys – ‘Won’t Shut Up’
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